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At SoulReconstruct Psychotherapy, we are committed to helping our clients find a sense of balance and growth in their lives. Our team is highly experienced and specializes in a variety of therapeutic approaches such as EMDR Therapy, Yoga Therapy, Cognitive behavioral  Therapy, Existential Therapy and Narrative therapy. We provide a safe, warm and supportive environment for our clients to explore their feelings and work towards healing and growth. We believe that everyone has the potential to heal, and we strive to provide the best support and care to our clients on their journey to wellbeing.


Our mission is to help people take a journey of self-discovery, to find balance and contentment in life. We believe that self-compassion and honest self-reflection are the first steps in avoiding the “happiness trap”. This the true path to finding true peace and joy. 


Our vision is simple:  provide a safe, accessible, and warm environment for our clients. We believe in the power of therapy and its ability to help people work through difficult life experiences. We strive to make therapy accessible to everyone, and our services are tailored to each individual’s needs. 

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